We succeed by being integral to our clients’ long-term success as what we deliver results in a better visibility of our client’s business in the market, more coherent organisations set around their corporate strategy and, ultimately, higher company valuations.

Our a strategy consulting firm partners closely with the world’s leading institutions across all industries to help their CEOs and executive teams make their strategies happen and build successful long-term businesses – from strategy development to strategy implementation plans and project management of the execution.

As we tailor our practical and systematic approach to individual client’s needs, we not only help our clients develop and execute their strategies successfully but also implement a strategy development process that becomes self-sustaining. We deliver actionable results and help build capabilities.

Private Equity, Sovereign Wealth Funds and other investment companies focused on growing the long-term value of their portfolios

• prior investment: strategic and operational risk assessment

• post-investment: strategy validation, consistency of strategic focus and strategic capabilities

• ongoing: strategy development and execution, implementation of effective strategy development processes for sustained growth and continuous value creation.

Corporate clients across all industries: CEOs and executive teams committed to sustainable growth

• independent validation and dialogue broadening

• across all key stages of strategic planning including implementation: early stages of strategy development or validation of existing strategy, review of high stake strategy or acquisition before critical decision, implementation of self-sustaining strategy development processes for sustained growth and continuous value creation

• consensus building among new executive teams, embedding of strategic focus or organisational buy-in.

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