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Christelle Espinasse

Christelle Espinasse is CEO and founder of inSTRATEGIA™, the strategy-focused consulting division of P&C Ventures Limited. The sole objective of inSTRATEGIA™ is to help CEOs and their executive teams reverse the curse of failed strategies and increase the odds of creating sustainable businesses through purpose-driven, innovative and successfully implemented strategies.


She has created a practical and systematic approach to strategy. This approach is unique: it not only helps her clients develop and implement their strategies successfully but also brings a broader perspective on strategy by improving the quality of their strategic decision-making and innovation and by managing the strategy development in a more integrated, agile and fluid way. What its delivers results in increased visibility of clients' business in the market, more coherent organisations set around their strategies and, ultimately, higher company valuations. 


Christelle's experience of more than 20 years in strategy comprises “branded” strategy consulting (including with PwC Strategy Advisory Services) and industry line experience working as chief strategy officer (including for Royal Bank of Scotland's Global Markets and Banking as a Managing Director and Regional Head of Strategy for Asia-Pacific). This experience was the foundation of her unique approach. She understands the flaws of both strategy practices and has experienced first hand similar issues to those she helps her clients address - transforming organisations and building long-term successful businesses through improved awareness and resolution of challenges on the strategy journey. She has a unique ability to 'connect the dots' in ways that help businesses take broader perspectives, expand their opportunities and deliver long-term results.

She has worked both at Executive Board / strategic and operational levels for a wide range of European and APAC blue chip clients across various industries such as financial services, telecom, media, information technology equipment and services sectors.


She offers a combination of innovative strategic, analytical, commercial and financial capabilities (MBA, CIMA) in addition to strong interpersonal and communication skills developed through successfully managing, motivating and influencing multi-disciplinary and international teams at all organisational levels across more than 20 countries.

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